Sunday, March 14, 2010


My mom passed away this week in Pennsylvania after a short illness. Desperado and I have been here with our families, taking care of the funeral, sharing lots of memories, and helping my dad prepare for life without my mom. They would have been married 65 years this coming June.

Mom had 2 sons, both of which went on to become veterinarians, which made our family one of the few in the country that could say that. Helpful Buckeye, as you know, has been retired from private practice for several years, while my brother, Robert, is with the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine.

I won't be able to put together a fresh issue of Questions On Dogs and Cats for this week and possibly not for next week either. However, new issues should be appearing in 2 weeks. Thanks for your patience the last 3 weeks as you got a chance to review the problems of dental disease and your pets. Hopefully, all of our readers will now be well versed in the benefits of preventive dental care for dogs and cats.

This posting is actually the 100th issue of Questions On Dogs and Cats to be published since we started back in May 2008. And, I feel it would only be fitting to dedicate this issue to my mom.



Rest In Peace


  1. We are sad to learn of your mom's passing. We will keep your family in out thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.


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  3. i randomly clicked on your blog. i feel for you. my mom died about 2 years ago and i miss her everyday. she is alive and wonderful when she pops into our thoughts and conversations and memories and our children's voices and spirit. i wish you slow and steady healing and very sweet memories. my blog is named "littlemarymixup" because that was a nickname she called me...when i began my blog, it just came to me...i feel like she's here and laughing at my stories. i wish you peace and strength.